Who's YeaSoft?

Currently it's not a company. During the last 30 years sometimes it was - and perhaps this may happen again. Nowadays it's simply a domain, operated by two guys with strong IT interests, useful for sending and receiving mail, hosting the IT infrastructure and giving a common name for some public activities.

A place for experiments, a home in the vastness of the network and a place where you can find some published projects or some bits of knowledge worth of being published.

Curious about us?

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Unpacking and Assembling PC Engines' APU - Part 1

The great PC Engines Alix board has finally got a successor. Take a first look at the powerful APU.1C4 board, see how to assemble a complete system and follow my first steps with system installation. » read more...

Migrating Asterisk Voicemail to IMAP

This article describes the migration of an active standard voicemail system running on Asterisk PBX from the default file storage to IMAP server based storage while preserving all existing voicemails and recorded user announcements (greet, busy and unavail) » read more...

Debian Packages for BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent® Sync by BitTorrent Inc. is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool available for many platforms. It can sync files between devices on a local network, or between remote devices over the Internet via secure, distributed P2P technology without storing data in a central system.

Unfortunately BitTorrent Inc. delivers only the raw binaries for Linux making it complicated for users to deploy this wonderful tool on their systems.

If you are using Ubuntu, Debian, Raspian or other distributions derived from Debian and you are searching for an easy way to deploy BitTorrent Sync on your systems, you are at the right place: Here you will find information about a family of easy to install Debian packages that offers both a solution for the need of typical server/cloud operators as for interactive users.

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Yet another Debian Rescue System?

Initially the trigger for this project was the simple fact, that there was no available fast and simple to deploy rescue system for my favourite operating system when I started to deploy my servers in the data center…

Something like the wonderful Gentoo boot disk of 2004 that does nothing other than booting into a full working OS, with all the tools you need to prepare a machine for installation, without asking too many stupid questions.

Something like that, but also something able to boot without having to configure and install to much infrastructure. Something consisting only in 2 files, able to boot only from TFTP…

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A good start for your Alix Project

If you are planning to set up your own router or an appliance based on PC-Engines™ great Alix hardware, you should take in consideration using Debian or Ubuntu for that. But how could you start?

Give a try to alix-rescue, a simple to deploy family of rescue and preinstallation systems for Alix boards, available both as Debian and Ubuntu versions. In 5 minutes you get a ready to run CF-Card with a boot environment and a rescue system from which you can start the design of your appliance. You can use it both as rescue system or as preinstallation environment. Additionally you will find here in future some quick recipes and uic templates for installing powerful Alix systems.

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