The BitTorrent Sync Linux Project

The scope of this project is to provide a Linux GUI with all features as in Windows and Mac OSX and easy to install packages both for servers and desktop systems. The packages are available for Debian or derived distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Raspbian, etc.

Detailed documentation and description can be found on the project page.

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Name Age Size Description
bind-shim 3,5 years   Shim for binding on a specific IP and/or port
btsync 2,6 years   BitTorrent Sync Server Package
btsync-common 2,6 years   BitTorrent Sync Engine Package
btsync-gui 3,1 years   BitTorrent Sync Desktop GUI Package
btsync-user 3,4 years   Legacy BitTorrent Sync Desktop Package
btsync-gui-0.7.0.debs.tar.gz 3,6 years 18,72 MB
btsync-gui-0.8.2.debs.tar.gz 3,5 years 21,74 MB
btsync-gui-0.8.3.debs.tar.gz 3,5 years 21,68 MB
btsync-gui-0.8.4.debs.tar.gz 3,1 years 27,92 MB
btsync-gui-latest.debs.tar.gz 3,1 years 27,92 MB