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BiTRIS<no_tm> is a game similar to Tetris™ with the particularity that it has to be played by two players. It was developed at the end of the eighties by Jan Egner and Leo Moll and was growing in popularity not only in german speaking regions by being widely spread over the mailbox scene.

This area contains all historical files that could be found. Since the original distribution archive was lost, the area offers a historically accurate reconstruction of the presumed last distribution archive rebuilt with historical tools.

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Name Age Size Description
screenshots 4,5 years   Screenshots featuring BiTRIS
video 4,8 years   Gameplay videos recorded by Alexander Grand
BITRIS.TXT 28,0 years 7,10 KB The original readme file (renamed)
BTHSL001.ZIP 23,8 years 3,67 KB A historical highscore file from 1994
BTHSL002.ZIP 7,4 years 3,97 KB Highscore file from Alexander Grand
BTMUZ151.ZIP 28,1 years 21,78 KB The MuZAK Compiler and music source codes
BTRIS151.ZIP 28,0 years 32,31 KB The reconstructed BiTRIS archive containing version 1.51
BTRIS155.ZIP 23,8 years 40,71 KB The reconstructed BiTRIS archive containing version 1.55
BTSRC155.ZIP 23,8 years 26,54 KB The reconstructed source code of BiTRIS 1.55
MCOMPSRC.ZIP 25,1 years 14,69 KB The MuZAK Compiler source code