NetPoldo RS - Ubuntu Version

NetPoldo is a lightweight Debian family live system intended for rescue, maintenance or installation purposes. It is delivered as easy to use components for PXE or simple boot system solutions and is available both for the i386 architecture as for the amd64 based on some Ubuntu and Debian versions.

This version is based on Ubuntu Linux.

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Name Age Size Description
archive 3,4 years  
end-of-life 4,5 years  
netpoldo-ubuntu-10.04.5-53-amd64.tar.gz 3,1 years 257,16 MB
netpoldo-ubuntu-10.04.5-53-i386.tar.gz 3,1 years 253,37 MB
netpoldo-ubuntu-10.04.5-53.iso 3,1 years 514,40 MB
netpoldo-ubuntu-12.04.5-53-amd64.tar.gz 3,1 years 295,64 MB
netpoldo-ubuntu-12.04.5-53-i386.tar.gz 3,1 years 290,19 MB
netpoldo-ubuntu-12.04.5-53.iso 3,1 years 589,79 MB
netpoldo-ubuntu-14.04.1-53-amd64.tar.gz 3,1 years 382,50 MB
netpoldo-ubuntu-14.04.1-53-i386.tar.gz 3,1 years 371,99 MB
netpoldo-ubuntu-14.04.1-53.iso 3,1 years 759,36 MB