BitTorrent Sync (btsync) Packaging Project Packaging and GUI project for delivering and deploying BitTorrent Sync (aka btsync or syncapp) on Debian derived (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Raspbian, etc.) Linux workstations and servers

BitTorrent Sync Packaging Project

BitTorrent® Sync from BitTorrent® Inc. is a simple tool that applies p2p protocol for direct live folder sync with maximum security, network speed and storage capacity. It has native versions for Mac, Windows and Linux, as well as native NAS integration.
Figure 1: The indicator part

BitTorrent® Inc. delivers for Linux users only a raw binary file without any deployment concept or setup system. It's up to the user to create a reliable startup and shutdown logic and to manage a configuration file. Also a dedicated GUI, as provided for Windows and Mac OSX is missing.

The scope of this project is to provide a Linux GUI with all features as in Windows and Mac OSX and easy to install packages both for servers and desktop systems. The packages are available for Debian or derived distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Raspbian, etc.

Desktop Package

The package containing support for BitTorrent® Sync with a full Linux GUI like the original Mac OSX or Windows application for desktop users is named btsync-gui

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Server Package

The package containing support for BitTorrent® Sync as a single or multiple service with or without WebUI for server/NAS deployment is named btsync

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Legacy Package

The package containing support for BitTorrent® Sync as a WebUI and tray application for desktop users is still available and named btsync-user

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These packages are UNOFFICIAL and not the work of Bittorrent® Inc.

Please do not contact the Bittorrent® support with questions or problems related to the use of the packages. You will find competent help and support in the related discussion threads in the support forum (links in the sidebar).

Copyright and Legal Stuff

BitTorrent® Sync is owned and developed by BitTorrent® Inc.
Copyright: © 2013, 2014 - BitTorrent Inc.
By using this application, you agree to BitTorrent's Inc. Privacy Policy and Terms.

BitTorrent Sync GUI, Debian Packaging and Scripts are developed and maintained by Leo Moll
Copyright: © 2012-2014 - Leo Moll <>.
Released under GPL 2.0. Please read the license conditions. is developed by Mark Johnson and contributors
Copyright: © 2013, 2014 - Mark Johnson <>.
Released under LGPL 3.0. Please read the license conditions.

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